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Article 1: Merlin’s Visions, the Mayan Calendar, and Peruvian Teachings for Planetary Healing

Article 3: Ancient Techniques, Modern Journeys: Shamanic Journeys and Psychotherapy

Article 5: Soul Retrieval and Soul-Centered Counseling


"Edie is a gifted teacher who is incredibly open to sharing all of her talents.  Thanks for sharing your gifts with me!"
workshop participant, Boulder

"Thanks much for everything, I had a wonderful experience."
workshop participant, Boulder

2012: Co-Creating a Conscious Future
Peruvian Shamanism, Celtic Visions, and the Mayan Calendar

with Edie Stone, MA

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Workshops and Presentations in Wales & England, Summer 2008

2012: Co-Creating a Conscious Future - course description, 2008

You may have heard dire predictions about year 2012, but in these workshops we will explore paths to a positive future, with the goals of contributing to an awakening of consciousness and creating a global shamanic, Earth-honoring culture.

Evening presentations --  2012: Peruvian Shamanism, Celtic Visions, and the Mayan Calendar
A short overview of the astronomical alignments in 2012 and themes from the Mayan calendar.  We will also compare Merlin's prophesies and other Celtic legends about this time of change.  Then we will explore positive views of the future from Andean mystical traditions and Peruvian shamanic practices. 

Weekend workshops -- 2012: Co-Creating a Conscious Future
In this experiential workshop we will:
• Learn Earth-honoring practices for personal and planetary healing
          from Peruvian shamanic traditions
• Cultivate sacred reciprocity:  Rituals for Mother Earth
• Receive luminous energy rites of the Q’ero Indians
• Learn lesson from Condor, Eagle, Owl & Dragon:
          Rebalancing masculine & feminine
          Reconnecting mind, heart & body
• Explore remedies for cultural soul-loss               
• Re-vision the future

During the weekend, we will also honour the native wisdom material of ancient Britain, with focus on the life and prophetic visions of Merlin.  This is not the familiar Merlin of Authurian romance, but the primal Merlin, the Welsh Merlin, who emerges from the writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth.  We will also listen to the ancient wisdom embedded in the Welsh folk tale of the Marriage of Eagle and Owl.

Pilgrimage to Dinas Emrys

On Sunday, 3rd August, the North Wales workshop group will carpool to Dinas Emrys, site of Vortigern's collapsing tower and Merlin's vision of the Red and White Dragons, and other prophecies.  We will do ceremony there, and re-envision a transformed future.  (The Cardiff workshop will work directly on the land at the lovely Coed Hills Rural Artspace, creating an apacheta/cairn and  celebrating with a ceremonial fire.)

Teacher Information

Edie Stone, MA, is a Pachakuti Mesa Teacher and a Level IV Apprentice of don Oscar Miro-Quesada.  She has been studying with don Oscar since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers from North and South America over the past 30 years.

Edie also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic ancestors. She has studied with Frank Owen MacEowen, Tom Cowan, Mara Freeman, Geo Cameron, and is currently studying Celtic and British mystical traditions with R. J. Stewart at The StarHouse near Boulder. 

Edie is also a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Shamanic Journey Guide. She has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado, specialising in Soul-Centered Counseling, Holistic Psychotherapy, and Heart-Vision Shamanic Journeys.

She is also a member of the Colorado Welsh Society.

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