Ancient Wisdom for Personal and Planetary Healing: Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

Article by Edie Stone

Honoring Mother Earth

We live in a time of great challenge and transition, a time of cultural soul-loss. Many are estranged from the sacred dimensions of life. But we also live in a time of great possibility and promise. Never before have so many people given voice to their love for the Earth, their passion for peace and justice, and their longing for personal and spiritual truth. And never before have so many spiritual teachers and elders from the world's wisdom traditions been available to share their teachings. Many elders are praying that together we can sustain a shift to a new era of awakened consciousness, and begin to heal Mother Earth.

The Marriage of Eagle and Condor

According to South American prophecy, we are now in the Pachakuti Era. It is a time of crisis and transformation, but also a time of promise, when Eagle and Condor will reunite and fly in the same sky. Eagle symbolizes North American culture, material progress, physical mastery, and the mind; Condor symbolizes South America, Earth-based spirituality, and the heart. In this era, elders and shamans from the Andes have revealed ancient healing practices and prophecies for personal and planetary healing.

Teachings from Peruvian Shamanism

Oscar Miro-Quesada, one of the "Condors," is a master shaman, curandero (healer), and teacher from Peru. His teachings include cross-cultural healing techniques, participation in ceremony, and reverent use of the Pachakuti Mesa. A mesa is a floor altar; it is also an energetic map of the universe. It serves as a catalyst to focus healing energy for individual, community, and planetary transformation. Pilgrimages to sacred sites, and spiritual practices that work to reconnect and rebalance the "ceque system," or Earth energy lines, are also important tools in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition.

Celtic and Nordic Spiritual Traditions

Ancient and modern Celtic and Nordic spiritual paths hold much in common with other world shamanic traditions: a sense of the sacred infused throughout nature and in daily life; a multi-dimensional, living universe; the Earth as sacred feminine; honoring the Directions and Elements in prayer and ritual; communication with animals, stones, and Otherworld beings; honoring the Ancestors.

The Promise of Eagle and Owl

In Wales and other Celtic lands, there is a legend, The Marriage of Eagle and Owl, which deeply resonates with South American teachings of the Marriage of Eagle and Condor. This ancient and mysterious Welsh tale brings a healing message for our troubled times.

The Eagle is the King of the birds, and as such he embodies the qualities of patriarchal power, hierarchy, and ego -- some of the qualities that have brought us to this time of crisis. But as he travels in search of a bride, he learns to trust the voice of the wind, and he listens to animal spirits who are as old as the hills. By the end of his journey, he comes into alignment with the wisdom of the ancient feminine, embodied in Mistress Owl, the oldest of the birds.

Our task is similar: to learn to trust our inner voices of inspiration, to bring our ego minds back into alignment with deep feminine wisdom (found in both men and women), and to embrace Earth-centered teachings and practices which are as old as the hills and vitally important for our world today. In honoring and rebalancing the sacred masculine and feminine energies, we can build a foundation to honor and heal our Mother Earth.

Pachakuti Ceremonies and Events

In September, 2006, a group of over 100 people from Europe, North, Central, and South America came together for prayer and ceremony at the Big Horn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming. A beautiful great horned owl that had been hit on the highway, as well a red-tailed hawk, were honored for their sacrifice and the way that they so mysteriously embodied these legends. Teachings, ceremonies, and dances were offered to celebrate and rebalance the sacred polarities of feminine and masculine, death and life, night and day, Earth and Sky; and to re-energize the web of Earth energy and great circle of life.

More teachings on Eagle and Owl will be offered in Boulder and Ft. Collins in March by Edie Stone, who brought Owl medicine teachings back to Wales in 2006.

Oscar Miro-Quesada will offer a workshop at Naropa University, May 4-6. See for more about Oscar, and other events.

The Heart of the Healer Foundation will host an international gathering of traditional healers, ceremonialists, musicians, scholars, and global visionaries in Peru, July 22-25. See for details.

Author Information

Edie Stone, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist and authorized Pachakuti Mesa Teacher. She has been studying with Oscar Miro-Quesada since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers over the past 30 years. Edie taught "Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions" in Wales last summer.
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