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The Promise of Eagle and Owl

Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions
Teachings in Colorado, Fall, 2006

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Honoring Mother Earth: Pachakuti Mesa and Celtic Traditions
Article Ancient Techniques, Modern Journeys
Teachings in Wales, June, 2006
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Edie Stone, MA, LPC
Heart Vision Shamanic Journey Guide
Pachakuti Mesa Level 4 Apprentice
of Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

  1. October 7, 2006, 1-3 pm, Sacred Hoop, Ft. Collins, CO
  2. October 27, 7 pm, Free Introduction, 1833 19th Street, Boulder, CO
  3. October  28-29, Workshop, Boulder, CO
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The Promise of Eagle & Owl
Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions:
Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing

Saturday, October 7, 1-3 pm
Sacred Hoop at Moon Circle,
Ft. Collins
Presentation and Group Journey
By donation

Peruvian Cosmovision & Celtic Visions

Call to reserve your space: 970.308.1415

Call for more information: 303.415.3755

or e-mail Edie

Location: Moon Circle
151 W. Oak St., #125
Ft. Collins, CO 80521
(south-west corner of middle building) www.HummingbirdHorizons.com

For directions: call 970.308.1415
or e-mail Suzanne  


October 27
Friday Evening, Free Introduction
October 28-29
Weekend Workshop
October 31
Optional Samhuin Celebration 

The Promise of Eagle & Owl

Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

Friday, October 27, 7-9 pm
Presentation and group journey
Free (donations accepted)

Peruvian Cosmovision & Celtic Visions

Call now to reserve your space: 303.415.3755

1833 19th Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302
(September School Art Building - the painted building on the NW corner of 19th and Canyon Blvd.)


Weekend, October 28 & 29
10:30 am - 5:30 pm

Weekend Workshop, $160

Boulder, CO

The Promise of Eagle and Owl

Tools for Personal and Planetary Healing

Medicine Wheels and Celtic Crosses Call Now to Register: 303.415.3755
Boulder Location
For More Information:  Call 303.415.3755
or email Edie
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Teacher Information

Optional Samhuin Celebration
October 31
    By donation

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We open our hearts to the world in love and compassion.
We call on all beings to come together to remember unity and respect
for Mother Earth and all Creation.
We honor our ability to respond in a spirit of tenderness, playfulness, and delight.

Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions

Explore Heart-Centered Shamanic Wisdom Teachings
Experience Pachakuti Mesa & Celtic Spiritual Practices
Receive Tools for Personal & Planetary Healing

[Pachamama Mesa]

Join Edie Stone in an exploration of sacred Earth-honoring teachings from Peruvian and Celtic traditions. 


Honoring Mother Earth: The Pachakuti Mesa and Celtic Traditions

We live in a time of great challenge and transition, a time of cultural soul-loss. Many are estranged from the sacred dimensions of life. But we also live in a time of great possibility and promise. Never before have so many people given voice to their love for the Earth, their passion for peace and justice, and their longing for personal and spiritual truth. And never before have so many spiritual teachers and elders from the world's wisdom traditions been available to share their teachings.

Legend of Eagle and Condor

In the early 1990's, tribal elders and shamans from the Andes began to share traditional teachings and healing practices that they had held secret since the Conquest. According to their legends, we are now in the Pachakuti Era, when Eagle and Condor will reunite and fly in the same sky. Eagle symbolizes North American culture, material progress, physical mastery, and the mind; Condor symbolizes South America, Earth-based spirituality, and the heart.

Many elders are praying that together we can sustain a shift to a new era of awakened consciousness, and begin to heal Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Pachakuti Mesa Teachings

Oscar Miro-Quesada, one of the "Condors," is a master shaman, curandero (healer), and teacher from Peru.  The Pachkuti Mesa Tradition, as taught by don Oscar, is a synthesis of Northern Peruvian Coastal Kamasqa and Southwestern Andean Paqo Altomisayoq curanderismo (folk healing/shamanic) traditions.

Oscar's teachings have helped many students to open their hearts, and to honor the wisdom of indigenous cultures and their own ancestors. Oscar challenges students to find authentic paths of connection, community, and loving service to Mother Earth.

Oscar's teachings include deep dialogue, cross-cultural healing techniques, participation in ceremony, and reverent use of the Pachakuti mesa. A mesa, in the curandero tradition, is an altar, laid out on the ground, with a symbolic arrangement of sacred objects. The Pachakuti Mesa is an energetic map of the universe. It serves as a catalyst to focus healing energy for individual, community, and planetary transformation.

For more about Oscar and the international Pachakuti Mesa community, visit:
www.MesaWorks.com and www.HeartOfTheHealer.org

Celtic Spiritual Traditions

Ancient and modern Celtic spiritual paths hold much in common with other world shamanic traditions:  a sense of the sacred infused throughout nature and in daily life;  a multi-dimensional, living universe;  the Earth as sacred feminine;  honoring the Directions and Elements in prayer and ritual, including cross-quarter directions;  communication with animals, stones, and Otherworld beings;  honoring the Ancestors.

The Legend of Eagle and Owl

In Wales and other Celtic lands, there is a legend of the Marriage of Eagle and Owl which deeply resonates with South American teachings of Eagle and Condor.  Edie will share this ancient and mysterious tale, and the healing message it brings for our troubled times.

Other Similarities between these traditions

[Edie Stone]

Teacher Information

Edie Stone, MA, LPC, is a psychotherapist and certified shamanic journey guide. She has been studying with Oscar Miro-Quesada since 1999, and with other indigenous teachers over the past 30 years. She also values the wisdom and vision of her Celtic teachers and ancestors.

In May and June, 2006, Edie was on pilgrimage to sacred sites in Wales, Austria, and the Dolomites in Italy.  She will share information and inspiration from the recent Shamanism and Healing Congress in Austria, where she was a volunteer in the Mesa Lodge.

Edie taught Peruvian Shamanism and Celtic Traditions in Wales in June, 2006.  There is now a  Pachakuti-Druid group forming in Britain.

For more information on Edie's training and experience:

Contact information:
Phone: 303-415-3755
E-mail: Guide@ShamanicJourneys.net
Mail: 2027 Broadway, Suite H
         Boulder, CO 80302

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