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2012: Co-Creating a Conscious Future
Teachings in Britain, July-August, 2008

with Edie Stone, MA

Pachakuti Mesa Teacher and
Level IV Apprentice of Don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Heart Vision Shamanic Journey Guide


17th July, Cardiff, Wales
7:30 pm
at Theosophy Cardiff
Free - donations gratefully accepted
RSVP: 029-2022-0013 or <ediestone@gmail.com>
Location: 206 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24-1DL
Directions: Theosphy Cardiff, or  029 2049 6017

28th July,  Shrewsbury, England
7.30 pm
RSVP: 01691 791597 or <stained_arts (at) hotmail.com>
Location: Morris Hall, Bellstone Court, Bellstone, Shrewsbury, SY1 1JB
Google for Directions

29th July, near Oswestry, Shropshire, England
Different topic: Psychotherapy and Shamanism*
7:30 pm
Free - suggested donation £5.00 to help with expenses
RSVP: 01691 791597 or <stained_arts (at) hotmail.com>
Location: Rhydycroesau Village Hall, near Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 7JD
Google for directions
* This presentation will be of interest to counsellors, therapists, psychologists, and shamanic practitioners.
Please confirm your place.  Space is limited.

6th August, Cardiff, Wales
7:30 pm
at Cardiff Quaker Meeting House
Free - donations gratefully accepted
RSVP: 029-2022-0013 or <ediestone@gmail.com>
Location: 43 Charles Street, Cardiff, CF10 2GB
Directions: Cardiff Quakers, or  029 20229817

8th August, at Coed Hills, near Cardiff, Wales
7 pm
£ 10  (included in course tuition)
RSVP:  029-2022-0013 or <ediestone@gmail.com>
Location: Coed Hills Rural Artspace, St Hilary, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, CF71 7DP
Directions: Coed Hills, or 01446 774084


1st - 3rd August, North Wales
8 pm Friday through 5 pm Sunday
     Includes pilgrimage to Dinas Emrys
Commuter:  £ 100
Residential: £ 140
Registration: The Dreaming Butterfly or 01490 460493
Location: Hafotty Gelynen Farm, Maerdy, Corwen, Conwy, North Wales, LL21 9PA (between Llangollen and Betws-y-Coed)
Directions: The Dreaming Butterfly or 01490 460493

8th - 10th August, Coed Hills, near Cardiff, Wales
7 pm Friday to 5 pm Sunday
Commuter:  £ 100 (plus meals, pay to Coed Hills)
Residential: £ 100 (plus meals & lodging, pay to Coed Hills)
Information:  029-2022-0013 or <ediestone@gmail.com>
Register: Registration Page
Location: Coed Hills Rural Artspace, St Hilary, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, CF71 7DP
Directions: Coed Hills, or 01446 774084

Space is Limited

1-3 August, workshop in North Wales
Book now: 01490 460 493 or
The Dreaming Butterfly

8-10 August, workshop at Coed Hills, near Cardiff
Book now:
Registration Page



We open our hearts to the world in love and compassion.
We call on all beings to come together to remember unity and respect
for Mother Earth and all Creation.
We honor our ability to respond in a spirit of tenderness, playfulness, and delight.

Experiential activities during the 2012 workshop include:

Opening and closing ceremonial space within the Sacred Directions of Peruvian cosmovision.

"Limpias" or cleansings, using a feather or staff and aromatic essences. It's like taking an energy shower with flower essences called "agua florida."

Receiving the initial activation of your luminous energy field in the tradition of the Munay-Ki Rites of the Q'ero, who are the descendants of the Incas. "Munay" means compassionate love.

Creating and activating individual Pachakuti Mesas for all participants. A "mesa" is a floor altar; it is also an energetic map of the universe. It serves as a catalyst to focus healing energy for individual, community, and planetary transformation.

Creating a "despacho", which is a mandala of flowers, herbs, chocolate, candles, and other offerings, which is lovingly created on paper, then bundled and offered with gratitude to the fire.

Creating an "apacheta", which is a stone cairn of a particular design. Apachetas function as sites to gather around for ceremony, as recipients of ritual offerings, and as "acupuncture needles" to help heal, rebalance, and maintain the Earth's "ceque system" of radiating energy lines (similar to, but not identical with, ley lines).

Ceremonial rebalancing of the sacred masculine and feminine energies, and reconnecting mind, heart, and body.

Shamanic journeys to create an empowered vision of the future.

A ceremonial fire.

Laughing and crying

For those who feel ready to make the commitment: A "compacto" or contract of commitment to personal service towards healing the Earth, in whatever way is authentic for each individual on their path.


Participants should bring the following items to create their personal mesa (floor altar): A special cloth, approximately 1 foot to 2 feet square, to serve vas their mesa cloth. "Special" can mean beautiful, magical, ancestral, Peruvian, Celtic, etc.

Objects that embody the Four Sacred Directions and Elements: a stone, a shell and/or bowl for water, feathers, a white candle (and adequate drip plate!).

An object for the Sacred Centre: a personally meaningful sacred object.

Other objects such as crystals, votive candles, a staff or talking stick, and personal sacred objects or medicine pieces that you have created, been given, or found in nature are also welcome.

Drums, rattles, bells, singing bowls, other instruments if you have them are welcome. Harp, anyone?

For the Despacho (a mandala offering) that we will create for Pachamama/Mother Earth. Any of the following that you can bring will be appreciated. We will share, so no one needs to bring everything:

For the Apacheta or stone cairn that we will build:

Stones from your home area, special sites in nature, or sacred locations. Placing stones in the apacheta is an act of gratitude and reciprocity, and is also a way of energetically connecting the apacheta to your home or to other sacred sites


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