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Information for Journey Clients

Heart Vision

Shamanic Journeys

Information For Journey Clients

In order to help you be fully informed as a client and to avoid potential misunderstandings, it is important that you read over the following information. Please feel free to ask for clarification or further information.

My Approach to Shamanic Journey Work

A shamanic journey is a psycho-spiritual process that can be used to enrich your spiritual awareness, to enhance your personal growth, or as a complement to other healing modalities or therapies.

The Heart Vision Shamanic Process is an interactive form of journeying. It integrates several forms of journey experiences: information and research on altered states of consciousness from transpersonal psychology and anthropology; teachings from South American, Celtic, and other spiritual traditions; Journey to Wholeness Spiritual Shamanic Journeys™, developed by Kayla Moonwatcher; The Personal Totem Pole Process™, a method of imagery work developed by Kayla's teacher, Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D.; and Deep Memory Process, an interactive past-life therapy process developed by Roger Woolger, Ph.D.


There are many forms of shamanic journeying. In traditional societies, a shaman enters a visionary trance on behalf of the client, encounters positive or negative forces, and brings back power or healing energies.

I do not perform this traditional role of a shaman -- I do not journey for you. Instead, I take the role of a guide. I assist you in experiencing your own Journey, exploring your own inner landscapes, and developing your own relationship with your Spirit Helpers or Guides.


I respect all spiritual traditions and paths of personal development. My own path has included Celtic, Christian, Peruvian, and Earth-centered spiritual traditions, and several methods of psychotherapy. However, I wish to make it clear that I do not perform Native American ceremonies. Some clients feel most authentic using Native American spiritual terms and images; others prefer spiritual language from their own ancestry or from the world's great religions. I support you in using whatever words, images, practices, or objects from your tradition or personal path that feel authentic to you. I will do my best to reflect and use the spiritual language, concepts, and images which you prefer.


Please inform me of any spiritual practices, treatments, or therapies that you are currently using. Also, please inform me of any allergies, medications, or psychological or medical conditions.


Expectations and Supportive Practices


In the first session, we will create the specific Intention for your Journey. Please work with that Intention in a meditative or prayerful way for at least 30 minutes every day until you do the Journey.

Please refrain from using drugs or alcohol for at least 4 days before your Journey.

Once the Intention is set, you have made a commitment to the Spirit world and a spiritual process is set in motion. Try to be aware of your dreams, personal process, and significant inner or outer events. If, for any reason, you decide not to do the Journey, we will need to meet to "decommission" the Intention.

For the journey session, dress comfortably in clothes that do not restrict your breath or movement. Eat lightly, and bring a snack for after the journey. A bottle of water is a good idea also. Some clients bring a special object to place on the altar during the Journey.

Every Journey is unique. A Journey can take 1 to 3 hours, plus 1/2 to 1 hour before and after for questions and processing. Please schedule your day so that you have plenty of time for the Journey. Plan some quiet time following the Journey, so you can continue to work with the Journey. I will provide you with a transcript of the highlights of the Journey. Rewriting or recording your complete experience of the Journey can be very helpful for remembering and working with it later. You may also wish to do art, movement, meditation, prayer, or practices suggested in the Journey itself.



Confidentiality, Professional Conduct, and Releases

I strive at all times to create a confidential and emotionally safe environment. I want you to feel free to bring up any issue you feel is important or troubling to you.

An emphasis on free will is fundamental to the Heart Vision process. At the beginning of your Journey, I call in only those Spirit Guides or Helpers who love you and honor your free will. During the Journey, I will give you opportunities to check in with yourself and your Spirit Guides to see if a suggestion is appropriate at that time. I want you to feel free to tell me if something does not feel right for you.

You may also be given suggestions during the journey for practices to do or other commitments to make. I want you to take the time to check out if each commitment feels appropriate and workable in your life. You can negotiate the wording until it feels just right for you.

Healthy personal and professional boundaries are important in creating a safe relationship. Touch is usually not a part of your Journey; however, you are free to request supportive touch, such as holding your hands or feet. I may offer to use Peruvian energy techniqes which involve light touch and blowing. I may also offer you essential oils which you can smell and apply to areas of your body. I will ask you or your Spirit Guides if touch, oil, or other techniques feel appropriate. As in any professional relationship, sexual intimacy is unethical and is never appropriate.

At times, I may recommend that you consult with a counselor, psychotherapist, or healing arts practitioner. I would have you sign a release of information before I communicate with any individual.

I also offer psychotherapy services. If you wish to work with me, please let me know, and I will provide you with information about therapy. Any decision that you make to do therapy with me is a matter of free choice.

To aid in my professional development, I occasionally consult with other qualified shamanic practitioners or with my clinical supervisor, Duey Freeman, MA, LPC.

I may at some time wish to share information about the Heart Vision Journey process for teaching, professional development, publication, or research. No names or identifying features would be used. Please feel free to ask me about this if you have questions, then initial below.

There are legal exceptions to confidentiality which apply to any counselor or helping professional. Some exceptions to confidentiality include: when you sign a release of information to a specific individual or agency; in certain criminal or delinquency proceedings; in cases of child abuse; or if you are in imminent danger of suicide or harm to yourself or others.

Before your Journey, I may have you sign a contract stating that you are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and that you are not contemplating suicide.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to ask.


My Background


Journey Guide Training:

Certified Shamanic Journey Guide since 1995.

The Center for Spiritual Shamanic Exploration,
Kayla Moonwatcher, Director.
13-month apprenticeship program, 1994-1995, plus other trainings

On-going apprenticeship:

Oscar Miro-Quesada, M.A., Peruvian curandero/shaman.
Apprenticeship training in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition, 1998 - current

Other teachers whose work has provided inspiration or techniques that I have incorporated in Heart Vision Shamanic Process:

In-depth workshop series:

R. J Stewart, author, teacher, and adept
            Celtic mythology and British mystical traditions

Frank Owen MacEowen, MA, Author, transpersonal therapist.

Celtic shamanism, symbolism, ceremony; ancestor work

Tom Cowan, Author.

Celtic shamanism.

Roger Woolger, PhD., Jungian analyst, author.

Deep Memory Process - past life therapy training program, core emotional release, bardo work

Other workshops, techniques, and inspiration:

Geo Cameron, Ph.D.

Celtic shamanism.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés, PhD. Jungian analyst, author.

Dreamwork methods, psychological symbolism, soul work.

Laura Simms, Storyteller and author.

Finding doorways between the worlds of myth and personal life, embodying your story.

Don Alberto Taxto, Ecuadorian yatshak/shaman.

OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez, MA, Mayan healer/daykeeper/priest.

Ehekateotl, Aztec healer and teacher.

Ipupiara, Brazilian shaman, anthropologist.

John Perkins, MBA, Author and shamanic practitioner.

Dream Change: techniques for personal and social transformation.

Johnny Moses, Native American storyteller and shamanic healer.

Stephen Gallegos, PhD, Personal Totem Pole Process™


Other Education and Training:

M.A., Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Naropa University, 1997
EMDR Certificate I and II,  Molly Gierasch & Associates, 2004-2005
Deep Memory Process (Integral Regression Therapy) with Roger Woolger, PhD, 2000-2006
Gestalt Training Program, Gestalt Institute of the Rockies, 1995-1998
M.A., Experiential Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1989
Elementary Teacher Certification Program, University of Colorado, 1988
B.A., English, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1972


Information on the new Shamanic Journey Guide Training Program (link forthcoming)
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