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Helping couples reconnect and deepen their relationships since 1997.

Mend your broken
        heart with Marriage Counseling in Boulder

When chocolate isn't enough ...  Secrets for a Successful Relationship

    A four-week Couple's Seminar with Edie Stone, MA, LPC

Starts October 22, 2015.

    Four Thursday evenings, 7:30 - 9:30 pm
This is great time to create and sustain a joyful, fulfilling future with your partner Call 303-415-3755 or email me now to start renewing your relationship 

In this workshop, you will learn practical and effective tools to improve communication and deepen your relationship.

We all long for deeper connection, and get frustrated when we are not understood and appreciated, like this couple.

The stress of anger and distance in a relationship.
        Stonewalling is a sign of trouble.

But we often get stuck in patterns that create distance and pain. If the anger and impasse that this couple is experiencing turn into a pattern of stonewalling and silence, the relationship may not survive.

In this workshop, you will learn skills that will help your relationship succeed:
For couples in any stage of relationship.

The skills you will learn in this workshop will get you off to a good start as a couple, or help you get back on track and create a healthier relationship if you have grown apart.

Many couples will also benefit from private follow-up sessions to fine-tune their skills or to resolve more difficult or sensitive issues.  So I offer a bonus to graduates of this workshop of a 20% discount on your first 2 sessions of private couples counseling.

Registration and information: 303-415-3755 or

Two ways to make a good investment in your relationship: Couples Seminar plus Private Sessions

    Tuition: $300 per couple, plus workbooks @ $15 each
    Bonus: 20% discount on first 2 private sessions

Easy Registration and Payment:

Register now at: 303-415-3755 or
    Credit/debit cards accepted with advance registration. 
        Call 303-415-3755 and arrange a time to speak directly with Edie.
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
    Or mail your check to:
    2027 Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80302
           Please include Suite H in the address.

    Early discount:
        20% off if you register by one week before class starts

Class is limited to 4 couples. Early registration suggested.

 Edie's Stone's office, 
    2027 Broadway, Suite H, Boulder, CO 80302
         (1/2 block north of the Pearl Street Mall, below Oliverde)


 Email me or call 303-415-3755 now to reserve your space in this relationship seminar.

Marriage counseling can help you bring reconnection and joy
        back into your relationship.

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Marriage counseling and couples therapy can create
              happy endings to your relationship dramas.

More help
for couples

In addition to the above classes, I periodically teach Hot Monogamy™, Relationship as a Spiritual Path - IMAGO Education, PAIRS® (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), and PAIRS® Jumpstart Workshops.

Drop Your Stress Workshop for Couples

            Stress management and relaxation skills for couples.
     Please contact me if you want to schedule a class or private sessions.
In addition to the easy techniques I teach in the regular Drop Your Stress workshop, couples will also learn tools to take the heat out of conflicts, and ways to support each other in deepening relaxation.
You will learn how to to take an effective "time out" when you are getting angry or overwhelmed.
You will practice techniques to self-soothe so that you both can come back in a better mood and frame of mind so that you can focus clearly on your issue. Click here for complete information.

     Workshop is not currently scheduled, call if you would like me to present it to your group.
Relationship as a Spiritual Path - A Group for Couples
Deepen your spiritual connection and emotional intimacy with your partner.
Monthly group for couples in committed relationships, with Edie Stone, MA, LPC.
All spiritual paths welcome.
    Group forming on request
     Call 303-415-3755 for most up-to-date info


Professional background - Edie Stone, MA, LPC, Marriage and Couples Therapist

I have been happily married for over 40 years. Click here to see my professional background.

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Dark fall leaves gold hidden in shadows
  Dark fall leaves gold hidden in shadows
   Scan Image by Edie Stone © 2008

Sometimes we need to face our personal shadows and pain before we can rediscover the gold in our relationships.
If you or your relationship is in crisis, please call me at 303-415-3755 for a private session.

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